Split-beam Echo Sounder and Navigation Data Collected Using a Simrad EK80 Wide Band Transceiver and ES38-10 Transducer During the Mid-Atlantic Resource Imaging Experiment (MATRIX), USGS Field Activity 2018-002-FA

Online link https://cmgds.marine.usgs.gov/catalog/whcmsc/SB_data_release/DR_P948VJ4X/2018-002-FA_EK80_meta.faq.html
Description In summer 2018, the U.S. Geological Survey partnered with the U.S Department of Energy and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to conduct the Mid-Atlantic Resources Imaging Experiment (MATRIX) as part of the U.S. Geological Survey Gas Hydrates Project. The field program objectives were to acquire high-resolution 2-dimensional multichannel seismic-reflection and split-beam echo sounder data along the U.S Atlantic margin between North Carolina and New Jersey to determine the distribution of methane gas hydrates in below-sea floor sediments and investigate potential connections between gas hydrate dynamics and sea floor methane seepage. MATRIX field work was carried out between August 8 and August 28, 2018 on the research vessel Hugh R. Sharp and resulted in acquisition of more than 2,000 track-line kilometers of multichannel seismic-reflection and co-located split-beam echo sounder data, along with wide-angle seismic reflection and refraction data from 63 expendable sonobuoy deployments. [More]
Originators Baldwin, Wayne E.; Bergeron, Emile M.; Foster, David S.; Moore, Eric M.; Nichols, Alexander R.; O'Brien, Thomas F.; Miller, Nathaniel C.; and Ruppel, Carolyn D.
Field activities 2018-002-FA

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Split-beam echo sounder browse image.
Split-beam echo sounder browse image.