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Sediment and Radiochemical Characteristics from Shore-Perpendicular Estuarine and Marsh Transects in the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi

To examine sediment transport and provenance between a marsh and estuary, surface sediments were collected along two transects in the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi (GNDNERR). Each shore-perpendicular transect consisted of fifteen surface samples, collected every 2.5 meters (m) from 10-m out into the estuary to 25-m into the marsh from the shoreline. Sediment samples were analyzed for their physical and radiochemical properties or signatures. Sediment samples were collected ...

Raw X-ray diffraction data of cores from the New England Mud Patch collected on USGS Field Activity 2016-001-FA

Variability in sediment properties with depth and the thickness of individual sedimentary layers are critical determinants of seabed acoustic response. The New England Mud Patch (NEMP), located south of Cape Cod, is an unusual feature on the U.S. Continental Shelf in that it is composed of fine-grained sediment layers containing a relatively-homogeneous mix of sand, silt, and clay-sized particles bounded by more typical sandy shelf sediments. The unique characteristics and nature of this deposit is due to ...