Mercury analysis

used for the laboratory analysis of mercury compounds, especially in support of research on mercury cycling in biochemical systems.

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Geochemistry of fine-grained sediment in Bellingham Bay, Nooksack River, and small creeks from June 2017 to September 2019

Elemental compositions are reported for the fine fraction of surface sediments from Bellingham Bay (June 2017 and March 2019) and in the fine fraction of streambank sediment from the Nooksack River (September 2017, March 2019, September 2019), Squalicum Creek (March and September 2019), Whatcom Creek (March and September 2019), and Padden Creek (March and September 2019). Major oxide percentages are reported in Nooksack River fine sediment collected in September 2017. Ancillary data for sediment collected ...

Anthropogenic metals and other elements from core 721-1 obtained in 2002 off San Francisquito Creek in South San Francisco Bay

This data release provides the measurement of anthropogenic metals and other elements in sediments of a core obtained off San Francisquito Creek in South San Francisco Bay.

Geochemistry of surface sediment and sediment cores in Bellingham Bay, Whatcom County, Washington, in February 2020

Geochemical data are reported for surface sediments and long sediment cores from Bellingham Bay, Whatcom County, Washington, collected in early February 2020 after flood conditions on the Nooksack River. Data include total organic carbon content (TOC), carbonate content (CaCO3), ratios of stable carbon 13/12 isotopes (d13C), ratios of total carbon to total nitrogen (C:N), short-lived cosmogenic radionuclide activities (Beryllium-7, Cesium-137, and excess Lead-210), and elemental chemistry.

Parent and alkylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in watershed soil and reef sediment at Olowalu, Maui, 2022

Seventy six parent and alkylated polycyclic aromatic compounds, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), were quantified in watershed and reef sediment from Olowalu, Maui, in February 2022 to explore urban and wildfire effects. Sample locations and total organic carbon contents (OC) are available in the accompanying file OlowaluWatershedReef2022_compositions.csv.

Elemental chemistry, radionuclides, and charcoal in watershed soil and reef sediment at Olowalu, Maui, 2022

Fine-sediment elemental chemistry, short-lived cosmogenic radionuclides (Beryllium-7, Cesium-137, and Lead-210), charcoal counts, and total organic carbon contents were quantified to describe urban and wildfire effects and land-based sediment sources and runoff to Olowalu Reef in February 2022.