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Short video of the helicopter transport of the survey boat into Crater Lake

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1:58 min
A Chinook helicopter operated by the U.S. Army Reserve out of Ft. Lewis, Washington lifts the 26-foot survey boat R/V Surf Survey off the transport truck parked close to Merriam Point on the northwest side of Crater Lake. The helicopter lifts the boat over the rim of the caldera and down towards the lake.

Download .mp4 (right-click and save-as, 4.9 MB).

Download .mov (right-click and save-as, 52.8 MB, original file).

1:55 min
Same as previous video; additionally, at minute 1:22, the view switches to a vantagepoint on the south side of Wizard Island and shows the helicopter gently dropping the boat into the water.

Download .mp4 (right-click and save-as, 5 MB).

Download .mov (right-click and save-as, 11.3 MB, original file).

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