Dataset description: 18CCT09_21CCT02_SiteInformation

Station location, core lengths, and water quality parameters for project IDs 18CCT09 and 21CCT02
Keywordsrocks and deposits, unconsolidated deposits, wetland ecosystems, porosity, radioactivity, bulk density, augering, push coring, core analysis, field sampling, geology, grain-size analysis
Data typesGeology
Formatcomma-delimited text; Microsoft Excel format
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Activities and equipment

2018-358-FAAshtech Z-Xtreme DGPS
The Z-Xtreme processes signals from the GPS satellite constellation, deriving real-time position, velocity, and time measurements. Twelve dedicated separate and parallel channels extract Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) code-phase, and carrierphase measurement on the L1 (1575 MHz) band, and Precise (P) code phase and carrier phase measurement on the L1 and L2 (1227 MHz) bands. The Z-Xtreme receives satellite signals via an L-band antenna and low-noise amplifier (LNA). The receiver operates stand-alone and as a base (reference) station or remote (rover) station providing real-time differential GPS operation for code, and real-time kinematic (RTK) operation for carrier phase. The unit implements the RTCM SC 104 V2.2 standard for differential and RTK operation. These features allow the Z-Xtreme to achieve centimeter accuracy while being compatible for differential and RTK operation with any other receiver that implements the RTCM standard. Antenna P/N: 700700(C)
2021-320-FAGarmin GPS