Dataset description: Seven_Mile_Island_2022_SBES_ WGS84_UTM18N_xyz

Single-beam bathymetry data points (xyz) in WGS84 (G2139) UTM18N ellipsoid
Keywordssingle-beam echo sounder, geophysics, marine geology, bathymetry, ocean characteristics, ocean processes
Data typesSingle Beam
Formatcomma-delimited text;
Amount31.7 MB


Erin (Contractor) O Lyons

Activities and equipment

2022-309-FAODOM-Echotrac CV-100
Single and Dual Frequency Echo Sounder Sharing technologies with both the popular Echotrac echo sounders, the CV100 provides the user with the option of going to “all digital”. With this model, the paper chart is eliminated in favor of data collection on the data acquisition system PC. Full control of the sounder is maintained via a menu system similar to that featured in the Echotrac.