ROV Jason

Status Active
Photo Photograph of the platform
Description Two-body ROV system. A 10-kilometer (6-mile) reinforced fiber-optic cable delivers electrical power and commands from the ship through Medea and down to Jason, which then returns data and live video imagery. Medea serves as a shock absorber, buffering Jason from the movements of the ship, while providing lighting and a bird’s eye view of the ROV during seafloor operations. Jason is equipped with sonars, video and still imaging systems, lighting, and numerous sampling systems.
Platform type Vessel > Submersible > Submersible
USGS Center USGS, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center (SPCMSC)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution(WHOI)
Woods Hole, MA02543

Usage of this platform

Field activity Center Survey location and description
07VEC01 SPCMSC Gulf of Mexico
09DCM02 SPCMSC Gulf of Mexico
1991-019-FA WHCMSC Deep Water Dump Site DWDS 106, New Jersey Continental Slope, United States, North America, North Atlantic;
2019-003-FA WHCMSC South Atlantic Bight; offshore NC, GA and FL
2019-314-FA SPCMSC Atlantic Ocean off SE US
2019-620-FA PCMSC Atlantic Ocean off SE US