Natural Gas Resources

Stocks of naturally formed hydrocarbon gases, which are usually associated with petroleum fields or gas hydrate formations. Distributions are geologic maps, models, and other observations that indicate locations and volumes of underground stocks. Assessments evaluate locations, methods, and profitability of gas extraction and transportation; environmental impacts; and (or) other interactions with other uses. Predictions are the results of models or projections of future gas reserves based on projected extraction, or they are predicted changes in profitability and risk due to economic, regulatory, technological, and environmental changes.

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Geochemical analysis of authigenic carbonates and chemosynthetic mussels at Atlantic Margin seeps (ver. 2.0, March 2019)

Isotopic analyses of authigenic carbonates and methanotrophic deep-sea mussels, Bathymodiolus sp., was performed on samples collected from seep fields in the Baltimore and Norfolk Canyons on the north Atlantic margin. Samples were collected using remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) during three different research cruises in 2012, 2013, and 2015. Analyses were performed by several different laboratories, and the results are presented in spreadsheet format.