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Open-File Report 2005-1001
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U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2005-1001
USGS East-Coast Sediment Analysis: Procedures, Database, and GIS Data


Video Demonstrations

Six videos with voice and text commentary were produced and are available in RealPlayerŠ format (*.rm). These videos serve as a guide for laboratory technicians and students in the earth-science and oceanographic communities who would like to learn more about the methods described in this publication. These videos are not intended to be detailed presentations of the procedures, but to serve only as overviews to help familiarize users with the basic principles. Users are strongly encouraged to consult the original references for more detailed analytical descriptions.

Videos with close captioned text are available when viewing these publication from DVD-ROM. This requires two additional files (*.rt and *.smil) accompany the RealPlayer video (*.rm) and that those files be placed in the same directory.  To access the video with it's associated captioning, the user must access the video by selecting the *.smil file.  Unfortunately, due to computer operating system limitations, videos with close captioned text may not be available when viewing this publication over the Internet. To aide those users who may need to read the narrator's text, the dialogue is available separately with highlights of the video as visual aid in the video progress from the video page.

Please select the desired video from the list below. The video page will open in a new browser window.

RealPlayer logoThe free multi-media software, RealPlayerŠ, must be installed on the user's computer before the videos, which are stored as compressed streaming files, can be viewed. Once installed, the user can launch the demonstration videos by clicking on the respective links from the appropriate laboratory demonstration page listed above. If the user's browser does not connect properly and access the video from the provided links, the user may browse the videos directory and open the respective files with RealPlayerŠ or save the information to their local computer.


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