Dataset description: 2021014FA_Truro_bathymetry

Attached to SSV-Small Surf Vessel, Echologger ECS D24 used to collect bathymetry data in view of the CoastCam cameras at Head of the Meadow Beach.
Keywordssingle-beam echo sounder, bathymetry, remote sensing
Data typesSingle Beam
FormatCSV; GeoTIFF
Amount37 MB


Activities and equipment

2021-014-FAEchosounder ECS 24D
EchoLogger Dual Frequency Echosounder ECS 24D (200/450kHz)

Geometries linked to this dataset

Map2021-014-FA_bathy_footprintFootprint of bathymetric data collected during field activity 2021-014-FA offshore Head of the Meadow Beach, Truro MA on February 11, 2021