De Meo, Olivia A.

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Suspended-sediment concentrations and loss-on-ignition from water samples collected in the Herring River during 2018-19 in Wellfleet, MA (ver 1.1, March 2023)

The Herring River in Wellfleet, MA is a tidally-restricted estuary system. Management options including potential restoration of unrestricted tidal flows require an understanding of pre-restoration sediment conditions. Altering future tidal flows may cause changes in net sediment flux and direction, which could affect marsh restoration and aquaculture in Wellfleet Harbor. This research aims to measure sediment fluxes seaward of the Herring River restriction and sediment concentrations landward of the ...

Meteorological data from Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, North Carolina, 9/13/2021 to 10/24/2021

Meteorological data were collected as part of the DUring Nearshore Event eXperiment (DUNEX) on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina from 9/13/2021 to 10/24/2021. The DUNEX project is a collaborative, multi-agency experiment designed to provide comprehensive measurements of storm-induced processes on coastal habitats. The overarching goals of this study are to understand oceanographic processes and their contribution to coastal morphological changes. These data will be used to improve storm ...

Water quality data from a multiparameter sonde collected in the Herring River during November 2018 to November 2019 in Wellfleet, MA

Management efforts of the tidally-restricted Herring River in Wellfleet, MA include research to understand pre-restoration sediment conditions. Submerged multiparameter sondes that measure optical turbidity were deployed at one site landward and three sites seaward of the Herring River restriction. Periodically, the sites were visited and additional turbidity measurements were collected with a handheld multiparameter sonde, and water samples were collected for determination of suspended-sediment ...

Grain-Size Analysis Data From Sediment Samples in Support of Oceanographic and Water-Quality Measurements in the Nearshore Zone of Matanzas Inlet, Florida, 2018

The interactions of waves and currents near an inlet influence sediment and alter sea-floor bedforms, especially during winter storms. As part of the Cross-Shore and Inlets Processes project to improve our understanding of cross-shore processes that control sediment budgets, the U.S. Geological Survey deployed instrumented platforms at two sites near Matanzas Inlet between January 24 and April 13, 2018. Matanzas Inlet is a natural, unmaintained inlet on the Florida Atlantic coast that is well suited for ...

Time-series measurements of oceanographic and water quality data collected in the Herring River, Wellfleet, Massachusetts, USA, November 2018 to November 2019

Restoration in the tidally restricted Herring River Estuary in Wellfleet, MA benefits from understanding pre-restoration sediment transport conditions. Submerged sensors were deployed at four sites landward and seaward of the Herring River restriction to measure water velocity, water quality, water level, waves, and seabed elevation. These data will be used to evaluate sediment dynamics and geomorphic change and inform marsh modeling efforts over tidal and seasonal timescales.