Gallagher, Christopher

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Olowalu chronology and geochemistry time-series, West Maui

Chronology and time-series geochemistry data of a coral core collected from Olowalu, West Maui, Hawaii. The chronology is based on density banding, radiocarbon bomb-curve, and uranium thorium dating techniques. The geochemistry time-series data contains major and minor elements over the length of the coral life span, as measured from laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS).

Coral growth parameters, Kahekili, west Maui

Surface runoff and submarine groundwater discharge in particular are known vectors to the coastal ocean of elevated nutrients and contaminants leading to eutrophication, algal overgrowth, and coral disease. Freshwater discharging directly from submarine groundwater vents off of Kahekili Beach Park, Kaanapali, in West Maui contains elevated nutrient concentrations and lower pH values. Coral cores were collected in July 2013 from the shallow reef at Kahekili in Kaanapali, West Maui, Hawaii from ...

Seawater carbonate chemistry, Kahekili, west Maui

Time-series of seawater carbonate chemistry variables, including salinity, dissolved inorganic nutrients, pH, total alkalinity, and dissolved inorganic carbon from sites along Kahekili Beach Park, west Maui near submarine groundwater seeps and living coral reefs. Samples for seawater were collected by pumping bottom water from the seafloor using a peristaltic pump and collecting discrete water samples every 4-hrs over a 6-day period.