Lightsom, Frances L.

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The Massachusetts Bay Internal Wave Experiment, August 1998: Data Report

This data report presents oceanographic observations made in Massachusetts Bay in August 1998 as part of the Massachusetts Bay Internal Wave Experiment (MBIWE98). MBIWE98 was carried out to characterize large-amplitude internal waves in Massachusetts Bay and to investigate the possible resuspension and transport of bottom sediments caused by these waves. This data report presents a description of the field program, an overview of the data through summary plots and statistics, and the time-series data in ...

Polygons of global undersea features for geographic searches

A shapefile of 311 undersea features from all major oceans and seas has been created as an aid for retrieving georeferenced information resources. Version 1.1 of the data set also includes a linked data representation of 299 of these features and their spatial extents. The geographic extent of the data set is 0 degrees E to 0 degrees W longitude and 75 degrees S to 90 degrees N latitude. Many of the undersea features (UF) in the shapefile were selected from a list assembled by Weatherall and Cramer (2008) ...

Shapefile for Coastal Zone Management Program counties of the United States and its territories, 2009 (CZMP_counties_2009.shp)

Shapefile for 492 Coastal Zone Management Program (CZMP) counties and county equivalents, 2009, extracted from the U.S. Census Bureau's MAF/TIGER database of U.S. counties and cross-referenced to a list of CZMP counties published by the NOAA/NOS Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM). Data extent to the nearest quarter degree is 141.00 E to 64.50 W longitude and 14.75 S to 71.50 N latitude. TL2009 in this document refers to metadata content inherited from the original U.S. Census Bureau ...

Long-Term Oceanographic Monitoring in Massachusetts Bay (1989-2006) for Assessment of the Transport and Fate of Sediments and Associated Contaminants

Long-term oceanographic observations made in western Massachusetts Bay at long-term site LT-A (42 degrees 22.6 minutes N., 70 degrees 47.0 minutes W.; nominal water depth 32 meters) from December 1989 through February 2006 and long-term site B LT-B (42 degrees 9.8 minutes N., 70 degrees 38.4 minutes W.; nominal water depth 22 meters) from October 1997 through February 2004 are presented here. The observations were collected as part of a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study designed to understand the ...