Gartman, Amy

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Measurements of zinc, oxygen, and pH, from sphalerite and ZnS oxidation in seawater

This data release presents the concentration of zinc, oxygen, pH, temperature, and the time point at which measurements were taken for experimental oxidation work regarding zinc and copper sulfide minerals. These data accompany the following publication: Gartman, A., Whisman, S.P., and Hein, J.R., 2020, Interactive oxidation of sphalerite and covellite in seawater: implications for seafloor massive sulfide deposits and mine waste: ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, ...

Marine mineral geochemical data - Part One: Pacific Ocean USGS-affiliated historical data

This data release compiles element composition data for more than 600 deep-ocean mineral samples from more than 25 research cruises in the Pacific Ocean since 1979 that involved USGS researchers. Deep-ocean mineral sample types encompassed in this data release include ferromanganese crusts, manganese nodules, phosphorites, and hydrothermal minerals. This data release is comprised of both unpublished as well as previously published data and reports and includes analytical methods and instrument detection ...